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Attendance Policy

Regular attendance affects student success.  Students may occasionally need to be absent for illness, emergencies, etc.  In such cases, students have the responsibility to arrange make-up work with their teachers. As the State Legislature and State School Board make changes to Attendance and Discipline Policies and Procedures, Alpine School District and local school policies and procedures will be updated and will be communicated at that time.

 A parent or guardian may excuse an absence up to 10 school days following the absence, and a tardy only on the day of the tardy. After 10 days, an absence may only be excused after speaking with an administrator. An automated attendance caller will call home each afternoon/evening to report unexcused absences.

Check-In Policy

Students are responsible to check-in at the attendance office anytime they enter campus after class has begun. For excused tardies or absences students must have a parent note or phone call to excuse the absence or tardy.

Checkout Policy

Students who are checking out must have a parent call or visit the attendance office. Students may not leave school during the school day (except lunch time) without checking out. After a student checks out of school, he/she must leave campus.  If a student remains on campus after checking out, he/she will be considered truant or loitering and may be referred to the campus officer.  Students enrolled in off-campus classes (i.e. MATC, Internships, Seminary, etc.) must leave campus.


Attendance Key For Skyward


X-Unexcused Absence
E- Excused Absence
T- Tardy
L-Excused Tardy
A- Staff Excused
I- Check In