Dress Code

Clothing that causes undue attention, is disruptive to the learning environment, or creates a safety problem is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

    1. Clothing, badges, jewelry, or appearance that denotes gang or cult involvement or affiliation.
    2. Apparel that poses a concern such as pants sagging below the hips, etc.
    3. Clothing with obscene or suggestive images and/or messages.
    4. Apparel, jewelry or accessories that advertise or advocate drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
    5. All tops must have a sleeve or cap. No sleeveless tops, halter tops, tank tops, “wife beaters”, or cropped tops that reveal bare midriff and short shorts or skirts. All shirts should reach your pants or shorts without skin appearing in-between.
    6. Skirts or shorts that do not cover over halfway to your knee are too short and are not appropriate for the school setting.
    7. Clothing that is ragged, tattered or torn, or deliberately cut or mutilated is not appropriate for the school setting.
    8. Display of cleavage in any way is inappropriate for the school setting.

Students who break the dress code will be asked to change into suitable attire. Repeat offenders, or those who refuse to comply, may be subject to parental conference and/or suspension.