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Dress Code

Clothing that causes undue attention, is disruptive to the learning environment, or creates a safety problem is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the following items:

      1. Clothing, badges, jewelry, or appearance that denotes gang involvement or affiliation.
      2. Clothing with profane, obscene or suggestive images and/or messages.
      3. Apparel, jewelry, or accessories that advertise or advocate drugs, alcohol, or tobacco or other prohibited substances.
      4. No display of undergarments.
      5. No shoulders or midriffs should be exposed.
      6. Skirts or shorts should be mid thigh length or longer.
      7. Display of cleavage in any way is inappropriate for the school setting.
      8. Rips, shreds or holes in clothing should not reveal any areas covered in items 4-7
      9. Final decisions regarding appropriate attire will be made by the administration.
      10. Students who break the dress code will be asked to change into suitable attire.  Repeat offenders, or those who refuse to comply, may be subject to parental conference and/or suspension.