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Caps and Gowns will be available for pick-up on Monday, May 13 during lunch and after school.




Dear Seniors and Parents

Believe it or not, it’s time to get graduation caps and gowns, tassels, graduation announcements and your Senior 2024 swag ordered this week. Seniors should have received a graduation packet that was handed out during the graduation meeting.

  • Option 1.  Order your cap and gown as part of a graduation announcement and celebration package. Choose and click option 1 below.
  • Option 2.  Order your cap and gown unit only.  Or, order cap and gown and other graduation/celebration items individually such as the exclusive mascot tassels, graduation announcements or swag. Choose and click option 2 link below.
  • Option 3.  Order a graduation class ring along with your graduation products.  Choose and click option 3 below.
  • Option 4.  Choose from several Letter Jacket options – customize and order your jacket by clicking on the link in option 4 Below.

*NOTE- all tassels and caps and gowns will be delivered in your custom school colors.  Exclusive custom mascot tassel will be your exclusive mascot.

OPTION 1:  To order graduation packages that include custom graduation announcements, photo cards, senior swag and the cap and gown please visit the link below:

OPTION 2:  To order the cap and gown unit and/or other individual graduation items, please click the direct link below (cap and gown unit only, scroll halfway down the page):

OPTION 3:  To order your graduation class ring, you can click the link below:

OPTION 4:  To order your Letter Jacket, you can click the link below:

Thank you, and if you have any questions, please contact Jostens directly at [email protected] or


Congratulations on your achievement!