Teens staying at the Ronald Mcdonald House in Salt Lake City often go without gifts at Christmas time, we want to help change that! For each item donated, you earn points for your grade. The grade or teachers with the most points will get a FREE pizza party and entered to win some big prizes! Donation boxes will be outside the office December 5th-17th. Here are some ideas of things to donate!

Headphones-15+ pts
Board games-25 pts
Nail polish-10 pts
Jewelry-10+ pts
Socks (Stance, Nike)-20 pts
Candy-3 pts
Perfume/Cologne-20 pts
Video Games- 40 pts
Make-up-10+ pts

Wallets- 20 pts
Hair tools (curling irons, flat irons)-30 pts
Bath bombs, bath salts, lotions-15 pts
Blankets-20 pts
Hats, scarves, gloves- 15 pts
Slippers-10 pts
Movies-20 pts
Tech decks/toys like that-10 pts

Really anything you would want to get as a gift!

Other items can be donated too! We will determine how many points based on the worth of the donation. Thank you!